Remanufactured Starters

Wilson remanufactured starters meet or exceed OE standards because they're remanufactured with In-Process inspections / tests throughout the production process. Components are gauged, sorted, tested and renewed, while vital parts are replaced with new. Every component and part must meet strict Wilson standards.

What Remanufacturing Means

Housing - Mounting threads & surfaces inspected and renewed

Bushings, Rollers, Springs, Caps - Replaced throughout

Brushes - Replaced

Solenoid - Renewed or replaced

Armature - Inspected, straightened and balanced

Commutator - Machined & tested for "run out" or replaced

Drive gears - Tests good and replaced

Lubrication - All pivot and contact points inspected and lubricated

Wilson premium remanufactured starters are tested to make certain they meet OE-quality standards for every application. Wilson has laboratory facilities to support engineering and quality testing of its remanufactured starters, and production samples are performance tested based on their application.

The remanufacturing process begins with our advanced R&D. We develop standards, builds, and processes through our thorough tear down and analysis of each starter. Before production begins, our quality begins with solid core processes to eliminate bad stock before going to production. Critical elements are tested and inspected throughout the assembly process. At final test, each starter is tested under load using application specific parameters. The report generated from the tester is included with each unit, so you can buy and install the unit with confidence.

New Starters

New Wilson starters are designed for customers who demand our proven reliability and performance. Our starters are manufactured using 100% new premium parts and are tested to meet or exceed OE standards. Our units feature premium, heavy duty components made for the application. We do not use adapted, converted or "will fit" components. And like our remanufactured units, every starter is tested before leaving our facility.

Demand Service

Our world class customer service provides customers and installers with the tools to complete the job quickly, efficiently and correctly. We offer services such as toll free technical phone support, specialized catalogs, unit images, next day delivery, technical bulletins, installation and troubleshooting tips and more. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Get to Know BBB Industries

With our world-class manufacturing facilities, strategically located warehouses and nearly 1,000 business partners, Wilson offers a business philosophy rooted in continuous improvement and customer service that is unparalleled in the heavy duty aftermarket industry.


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