Remanufactured Alternators

Wilson alternators are not just rebuilt, they are remanufactured. That means a complete process of tear down, cleaning, reassembly with components made to our high standards and rigorous testing to meet and exceed OE specifications. That gives you confidence that you can repair your vehicle or equipment once, ensuring you have uptime for your revenue source.

What Remanufacturing Means

Housing - Mounting threads & surfaces inspected and renewed

Fan - Straightened or replaced

Pulley - Renewed or replaced

Bearings - Replaced throughout

Shaft - Tests good or replaced

Rotor - Tested and balanced

Stator - Inspected and tested

Voltage Regulator - Tests good or replaced

Rectifier - Tests good or replaced

Insulators, Brushes, Terminal Hardware - Tests good or replaced

Slip Ring - Tests good or replaced

Few others have the capability and facilities provide products as thoroughly tested as Wilson. The result of such attention to quality is Wilson’s premium remanufactured alternators. They install easily, operate dependably and deliver performance that meets the high-power demands of today's vehicles.

Our advanced R & D process is the first step, ahead of production. In this stage we gather key data and standards to understand the variations each unit has. This ensures we develop the right Bill of material, source the right components, and develop the proper processes before we go into production. Cores are inspected before and during tear down to ensure any defective items are removed from production early in the process. Further inspection and testing of products occurs before, during, and after assembly including a comprehensive "hot performance" test that compares an alternator's performance with the OE standards established for its particular applications. The report generated from the tester is included with each unit, so you can buy and install the unit with confidence.

New Alternators

New Wilson alternators are designed for customers who demand the reliability and performance we have proven on our remanufactured offerings. Our alternators are manufactured using 100% new premium parts and are tested to meet or exceed OE standards. As like our remanufactured units, every new alternator is tested prior to leaving our facility.

Demand Service

Whether you choose remanufactured or new, our world class customer service provides you with the tools to complete the job quickly, efficiently and correctly. We offer services such as toll free technical phone support, specialized catalogs, unit images, next day delivery, technical bulletins, installation and troubleshooting tips and more. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Get to Know BBB Industries

With our world-class manufacturing facilities, strategically located warehouses and nearly 1,000 business partners, Wilson offers a business philosophy rooted in continuous improvement and customer service that is unparalleled in the heavy duty aftermarket industry.


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